PRISM Named First Recipient of Christopher Kendall Award from U of MI

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PRISM is greatly honored to receive the Christopher Kendall Award from our alma mater, the University of Michigan. We’re especially grateful to Professor Donald Sinta, whose brilliant saxophone playing and teaching has remained a source of inspiration for more than 30 years. PRISM’s own Timothy McAllister succeeded Professor Sinta in 2014, and so we are especially thrilled to renew our ties to U of MI. Go Blue!

We are also indebted to past PRISM members (all University of Michigan alumni) who so deeply contributed to the life and success of the Quartet: Tim Ries, Reggie Borik, Tim Miller, and the late Michael Whitcombe.

About the Christopher Kendall Award

The Alumni Society Board of Governors established the Christopher Kendall Award in 2015 to honor the tenure of Emeritus Dean Christopher Kendall. The Christopher Kendall Award recognizes one alumnus/a or an ensemble of alumni of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance from any graduation year who has demonstrated collaboration and/or entrepreneurship and/or significant community engagement and/or interdisciplinary studies and/or patronage to the arts in their professional work.

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