Pueblito Viejo (single) set for April 8 release on XAS

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Pueblito Viejo will be released as a single on April 8 on XAS Records, distributed worldwide by Symphonic and Naxos Music Library.

“Pueblito Viejo” (“old town”) by José A. Morales (1913-1978), arranged by Alvaro Rojas, is an elegant Colombian waltz inspired by the steep, cobbled streets of Socorro, Santander, where Morales spent his childhood. “Pueblito Viejo” is one the most recognized songs in Colombia, and has been recorded and performed by artists worldwide. Argentinian composer and jazz musician Roberto Saghini (1911-1961) named “Paquetá” after a tiny island in Brazil in the Rio de Janeiro that he visited while touring with his band. PRISM’s version is a one-minute romp that captures the joy of the island.

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Pueblito Viejo

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