Waveguide Model I Video

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PRISM Quartet
new video from breath beneath
Waveguide Model I

Music by Dan Trueman
Interactive Video Environment by Mark DeChiazza

Dear PRISM friend,

We’re happy to share the first video from Breath Beneath, a discovery project in which the PRISM Quartet explores the intersection of music, interactive technology, and durational visual art.

Back in September 2017, PRISM presented an entire program of works integrating video and music, including two newly commissioned pieces exploring real-time interactive systems that could, in composer Dan Trueman’s words, “expressively shape and animate a breathing visual world”: Waveguide Model I by Dan and filmmaker Mark DeChiazza; and Cha by composer Julia Wolfe and filmmaker Bill Morrison.

We’ll be sharing Cha in the near future, but wanted to give you a look now at Waveguide Model I (beautifully documented by Andy Biskin), a work that Mark described as utilizing “a responsive system of projected imagery that functions in a manner analogous to breath. I wanted to explore a territory outside commonly practiced modes of interactivity between sound and visual media.” According to Dan, Waveguide is a piece in which “sound and video work at cross-purposes, moving ideas about breath and time beyond body and machine.”

Click HERE to read Dan and Mark’s complete program notes below, and feel free to leave a comment. Tim, Taimur, Zach, and I welcome your feedback!

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Warm regards,

Matthew Levy
Executive and Co-Artistic Director
PRISM Quartet, Inc.

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