See Your Shadow set for 12/31 release on XAS

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PRISM’s founding tenor saxophonist Matthew Levy releases the world premiere recording of “See Your Shadow” on XAS. Composed by Nick DiBerardino (Curtis Institute), “See Your Shadow” is the second in a series of releases by Matt that utilize elements of his performance practice—from subtones and percussive articulation to growls, multiphonics, and microtones—to form a soundtrack of otherworldly textures for his live tenor sax. Matt writes, “Nick’s music resonates deeply. He’s enormously talented with serious technical chops, but I most admire his capacity to linger in moments of serene beauty, to capture the humanity of his subjects, in this case, my little Mae, whose words and vocalizing are sprinkled throughout the work. She’s now nearly 4 years old, but Nick created a poignant setting of a time in her life when shadows were mysterious companions.”

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