PRISM Quartet

PITCH BLACK: The Music of Jacob ter Veldhuis

PITCH BLACK: The Music of Jacob ter Veldhuis
Jacob ter Veldhuis has emerged as one of the Netherlands’ most engaging and provocative contemporary composers. Strongly influenced by rock, his musical language employs expressive, stylistic collisions that eviscerate distinctions between high and popular idioms. His compositions for saxophones and boom box incorporate samples ranging from Chet Baker to the Jerry Springer Show to religious fanatics in Times Square.

Pitch Black (1998)
for saxophone quartet and ghetto blaster
Postnuclear Winterscenario no.10 (1991-2001)
for saxophone quartet
Jesus is Coming (2003)
for saxophone quartet and ghettoblaster
Grab It! (1999)
for tenor saxophone and ghettoblaster
Billie (2003)
for alto saxophone and ghettoblaster
The Garden of Love (2001)
for soprano saxophone and ghettoblaster

Symphony Space
95th Street & Broadway, New York, NY

November 18, 2005