PRISM Quartet

PITCH BLACK: Music for Saxophones by Jacob TV

PRISM presents an evening of music from its most popular recording, Pitch Black: Music for Saxophones by Jacob TV. Jacob TV began his musical life as a rock musician, and studied composition and electronic music at the Groningen Conservatoire. Today, he is one of the Netherlands’ most dynamic composers. He draws raw material from American pop culture and media, combining saxophones with audio samples of spoken word from interviews with jazz icons Billie Holiday and Chet Baker; death row inmates; an evangelical preacher in Times Square; poetry by William Blake; and excerpts of the Jerry Springer Show. The PRISM Quartet was recently featured in a three-day festival of Jacob TV’s music at the Whitney Museum of American Art and in broadcasts on WNYC.

“Death row is a metaphor for life… Life is worth living… Grab it!” —Jacob TV

  • Pitch Black

Program Repertoire

Pitch Black for Saxophone Quartet and Ghettoblaster (1998)+
Postnuclear Winterscenario no. 10 for Saxophone Quartet (1991-2001)
Jesus is Coming for Saxophone Quartet and Ghettoblaster (2003)+
Grab it! for Tenor Saxophone and Ghettoblaster (1999) - PROFANITY WARNING+
Billie for Alto Saxophone and Ghettoblaster (2003)
The Garden of Love for Soprano Saxophone and Ghettoblaster (2001)