PRISM Quartet

Multiple Minimal

Born in the early 1960s in the underground scene in San Francisco and New York, minimalism has become a wildly popular form of new classical music. This provocative program represents three of its originators and long-time champions — Terry Riley, Steven Reich, and Philip Glass — along with composers deeply influenced by their work, including Pulitzer Prize-winner David Lang.

  • Terry Riley

  • Philip Glass

  • David Lang

  • John Adams

  • Emma O'Halloran

  • Steve Reich


Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint from October 15, 2006 at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Program Repertoire

Steven Reich (b. 1936) New York Counterpoint (1985)
Terry Riley (b. 1935) Mandala Miniatures (1999)+
Philip Glass (b. 1937) Saxophone Quartet (1995)+
John Adams (b. 1947) Fearful Symmetries (1988, Arr. McAllister)+
Michael Torke (b. 1961) July (1995)+
Emma O'Halloran (b. 1985) Night Music (2014)+
David Lang (b. 1957) Revolutionary Etudes (2006)